SETS is currently engaged in the in-house design and development of reliable and flexible cathodes to serve as plasma sources for various electric propulsion systems. SETS has developed several prototypes of ion thrusters that offer a wide range of thrusts and specific impulses.

SHC 10

The self-heated hollow cathode has a simpler construction compared to traditional heated cathodes. The use of the alkali metal salts as cathode activator substances significantly reduces the temperature of the cathode and enhances start duration.

The cathode provides up to 1.5A discharge current at a mass flow rate of the working substance up to 0.05 mg /sec. The power consumption is 40W.

Application of the hollow cathode structure without start heater allows excluding power supply that provides pre-heating process for the classic structure cathodes. As a result of applying this cathode construction, the scheme of power processing unit for the propulsion system is simplified.

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SHC 20

The structure of the cathode corresponds to the classical scheme of the hollow cathode and includes the start heater and the keeper.

We use of alkali metal salts as the activator material is a unique feature of the cathode. The use of alkaline metals salts as the material of the activator allows keeping on working efficiency of the product under the conditions of vacuum system depressurization, besides use a high purity gaseous working substance is not required.

Provides 1.5A discharge current at a 0.05 mg / s mass flow rate of the working gas (Xenon) and provides a maximum discharge current up to 5A. Power start heating is 40W, the heating time lasts 120s. Power consumption in operation - 45W. A distinctive feature of the cathode is reliable starting.

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