About us

We represent a revolutionary new Ukrainian company of high-performance electric propulsion technology. SETS are the next generation of thrusters and electric propulsion systems for small satellites.

We are a team of experts including a Professor and 4 PhDs. SETS team are intended in science, technology development, design, and production of all components of Space Propulsion Systems, such as Hall Thrusters, Xenon Storage, and Feed System. Besides, Power Processing Unit including Automatic Control System.

Our teams

Design department - specialists who are engaged in the design and calculation of systems, subsystems, and components of an electric propulsion system (EPS), as well as the design of test equipment.
Manufacturing Team - specialists who are involved in the production process of SETS products and test fixtures.
Supply Chain department - specialists responsible for the supply, storage, and accounting of purchased products as well as SETS's products.
Management office - specialists who manage and control the work of projects inside the company.
Quality Assurance Team - specialists who ensure the quality of SETS products.
Business Development department - these are specialists who serve as a link between the company and the market. Responsible for building business relationships with clients and communication policy.
R&D department - specialists who are directly involved in the design and testing of EP subsystems and systems in general.
Embedded Hardware department - specialists who are responsible for the design, development, assembly, and acceptance of the electrical component of the electric propulsion system, as well as measuring and testing equipment.
Finance, HR, Facility, Admin, Procurement, and other teams that provide support in the strategic and operational activities of the company.

Providing in-space mobility requires several technological capabilities

  • Clients want to buy end-to-end in-space mobility solutions not just a propultion system
  • In-space mobility is a perfect fusion of software, hardware and business capabilities to address client’s needs
  • As space infrastructure is growing clients require more complex and higher performing solutions

Today SETS is a fully automated propulsion manufacturer

  • Founded in 2016, SETS is a part of Noosphere Ventures ecosystem
  • SETS production facilities are set up in accordance with European Cooperation for Space standards (ECSS); cleanrooms are IS08 compliant
  • SETS team consists of 30 professionals including four engineers holding PhD
  • The company has landed its first commercial contract in 2020
  • SETS's electric propulsion system successfully operates in orbit

SETS at a glance