PPU-500 (Power Processing Unit)

The Power Processing Unit (PPU) is designed as a part of the Electric Propulsion System (EPS) SPS-40, which consists of ST-40 Hall Thruster and Xenon Feed System (XFS). PPU consists of 3 main subsystems: Thruster and XFS power parts and the main controller.

The XFS power part is intended to control low-voltage power supplies for sensors, heaters, valves, and measurement circuits which connected with supply of xenon.

The Thruster power part controls the converters which transform the onboard power to anode and cathodes using power stabilization.

The main controller performs operating algorithms, controls all power converters, measurements, and provides communication with the onboard computer.

Input power
Input power, W up to 600
Input Voltage
Input Voltage, V 28±2
Operating Temperature, °C -40/+80
Efficiency, % 95

Other systems

The SPS-40 Propulsion System was designed for medium and large satellites and able to adjust the orbit parameters and insure the maneuverability of satellites in space.

The SPS-25 Propulsion System was designed for mini satellites mass up to 500 kg.

The ST-40 Hall Thruster with an anode layer is designed for use as part of the propulsion system for satellites mass up to 1 T.

The ST-25 Hall Thruster is a modification of a Thruster with an Anode Layer.


SETS is developing a modular Xenon Feed System (XFS) with significant reductions in mass and cost while increasing system reliability.