ST40 hall-effect thruster

The ST40 Hall-Effect Thruster with an anode layer is designed for use as part of the propulsion system for satellites mass up to 1 T. It is used to orient and stabilize of the spacecraft in various orbits. The propulsion system provides a thrust of up to 28 mN at a maximum electric power consumption of 600 W. The propulsion system that contains ST40 can be used on satellites for various purposes.

Input power
Input power, W 250–600
Specific Impulse
Specific Impulse, s 1850
Thrust, mN 14-28
Efficiency, % 40
ST40 hall thruster

Other systems

The SPS40 Propulsion System was designed for medium and large satellites and able to adjust the orbit parameters and insure the maneuverability of satellites in space.

The SPS25 Propulsion System was designed for mini satellites mass up to 500 kg.

The ST25 Hall Thruster is a modification of a Thruster with an Anode Layer.


The Power Processing Unit is one of the components of the SPS40 and SPS25 propulsion systems.


SETS is developing a modular Xenon Feed System (XFS) with significant reductions in mass and cost while increasing system reliability.