ST-25 hall-effect thruster

The ST-25 Hall-Effect Thruster is a modification of a Thruster with an Anode Layer. The magnet system of this thruster significantly differs from the classic system. A permanent magnet is used instead of an electromagnet as the central magnet core. This reduces the power consumption of the thruster and increases efficiency.

Input power
Input power, W 100-180
Specific Impulse
Specific Impulse, s 1200
Thrust, mN 5-11
Efficiency, % 30
ST-25 hall thruster

Other systems

The SPS-40 Propulsion System was designed for medium and large satellites and able to adjust the orbit parameters and insure the maneuverability of satellites in space.

The SPS-25 Propulsion System was designed for mini satellites mass up to 500 kg.

The ST-40 Hall Thruster with an anode layer is designed for use as part of the propulsion system for satellites mass up to 1 T.


The Power Processing Unit is one of the components of the SPS-40 and SPS-25 propulsion systems.


SETS is developing a modular Xenon Feed System (XFS) with significant reductions in mass and cost while increasing system reliability.