XFS (Xenon Feed System)

The Xenon Feed System (XFS) is designed for working in the structure of Electric Propulsion Systems (EPS) with the Hall-effect thruster(s). XFS fulfills three main tasks: storage of the working substance in the high pressure (up to 180 bar) tank, decreasing the high pressure to the working pressure (1-2 bar), and feed the required values of the mass flow rates into electrical propulsion thrusters). Most of the components (solenoid valves, accumulator tank, flow restrictors, fill and drain valve etc.) are designed and manufactured in-house, which shortens the time of production and allows adapting the feed system to the required parameters.

Proof Pressure
Inlet Pressure, bar Up to 180
Nominal Flow Rate
Nominal Flow Rate, mg/5 Anode: up to 10 Cathode: up to 1
Dimensions, mm 145*127*118
Working Substance
Working Substance Xenon, Krypton

Other systems

The SPS-40 Propulsion System was designed for medium and large satellites and able to adjust the orbit parameters and insure the maneuverability of satellites in space.

The ST-40 Hall Thruster with an anode layer is designed for use as part of the propulsion system for satellites mass up to 1 T.

The SPS-25 Propulsion System was designed for mini satellites mass up to 500 kg.

The ST-25 Hall Thruster is a modification of a Thruster with an Anode Layer.


The Power Processing Unit is one of the components of the SPS-40 and SPS-25 propulsion systems.