The results of numerical simulation of the process of motion of ions of a working mass in the accelerating channel of a stationary plasma engine SPD-70 on the basis of a direct numerical solution of the kinetic equation of rarefied plasma in an accelerating electrostatic field are presented.

Introduction.  Formulation of the research task

The modern trend of industrialization and commercial use of near-Earth space implies the launch and operation of space vehicles (SCs) of various purposes. Such vehicles can include a variety of spacecrafts, for example, Earth remote sensing satellites (RS), communication and navigation satellites in low (up to 500 km) orbits, navigational spacecraft in high circular orbits, space communication satellites in strongly elliptical orbits, geostationary satellites, etc.

The wide range of spacecraft and the variety of tasks that are solved with their use makes it necessary to create highly effective small-thrust propulsion systems designed to solve problems of attitude control and stabilization of spacecraft, maintaining orbital parameters, solving mission control tasks, i.e. transfer of spacecraft from a low Earth orbit to the target one, incl. geostationary.

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